Organizing Against Plant Closures
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How to Fight a Post Office Closing

The United States Postal Service is required to hold a public meeting to close a Post Office. If your Post Office is on the list to be closed, watch for date & time to be posted for this meeting at your Post Office.

What to do next:

  1. Study all current information: Be prepared to explain the  real reasons why the postal service is in trouble (link). Why people still need the postal service. The consequences to the economy & our country.
  2. Contact all politicians: Senators, Congressman, Mayor, City Council, County Commissioners , etc. A phone call or letter might work, but more effective is a personal visit to their main local office by at least several people.
  3. Contact Local Organizations: Homeowners, community associations, veterans groups, senior citizen organizations, business associations, chambers of commerce. Postal Workers & the effect on their jobs by itself will not keep a post office open. Testimony by citizens, business owners, how the closing will effect their community & the local businesses carry far more weight.
  4. Record the Meeting: Video camera is the best, but you can use a cell phone, voice recorder, etc & at the very least, have somebody takes notes during the meeting.
  5. Don’t Believe the Postal Officials: Very few have any experience with the procedure to close a post office. The meeting is conducted using a scripted PowerPoint presentation from Washington, DC. Postal Officials will tell you this is just a study, there are no plans to close your Post Office, there will be no change in service. Don’t believe a word. I don’t know of one instance where service was not disrupted.  Statistically over 90% of Post Office’s studied, were determined to be closed in 2011.
  6. Notify the Press: Write press a release & send to all radio, TV stations, newspapers and any other media. The postal officials don’t like media coverage. They want to keep closings quiet so there is little or no opposition. Call all TV & Newspapers to line up live coverage.
  7. Petitions / Letters: Write a petition and / or letter to you politicians. Make copies to hand out to the public at all meetings, door to door, etc.

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