Our Work

    Communities and Postal Workers United (CPWU) grew out of a series of nationwide conference calls in the Spring of 2012 between postal workers from the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), the National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) and allies in the labor movement. Pulled together by Labor Notes, a national magazine and organizing center, the conference calls focused on the urgency of defending the postal service against ongoing job loss, service cuts and closures of mail processing plants and post offices.

   Some of us had unsuccessfully fought against the closure of the Frederick, Maryland, plant and watched with horror as first class mail sat in trailers for ten days. Others had organized 500 people to show up for a plant closure hearing in White River Junction, Vermont, and cheered as the plant was saved. We had organized a thousand-person Save the Postal Service march through downtown Portland, Oregon, and helped occupy a threatened post office in Harlem, New York. We wanted to combine our efforts.

   We applauded the national day of action organized by our unions on September 27th, 2011. We knew it was time for another unified national action. So we did – on Tax Day, April 17, 2012, with the theme “No Taxes Needed to Save America’s Postal Service”. We had organized events in a dozen cities and  won endorsement by the national APWU and the NPMHU. In early May we met to formally found CPWU at the Labor Notes conference in Chicago.

   By late June we had organized a Hunger Strike to Save the Postal Service in Washington, D.C. Ten of us -letter carriers, clerks, truck drivers, maintenance workers, mail handlers, seniors, veterans, Occupy activists, rank-and-file Union members & officers – walked the halls of Congress demanding that Congress stop starving the postal service, repeal the onerous health benefit pre-funding mandate, refund the pension surpluses, and protested at USPS headquarters demanding the Postmaster General to stop the cuts and closures. Generating major media coverage, our hunger strike had an impact on Congress and the USPS but more importantly it put the CPWU before the public and brought a new layer of activists into our midst.

   We have been active at APWU, NALC, and NPMHU conventions – hosting well-attended meetings about building local labor/community coalitions and pushing through resolutions to encourage such local formations. NALC and APWU also passed resolutions calling for a National March and Rally to Save the Postal Service.



Communities and Postal Workers United (CPWU) have organized and participated in many demonstrations and campaigns to preserve and expand the People's Postal Service.

Hunger Strike Endorsers


Organization & Title listed for identification purposes only.

American Postal Workers Union, National President’s Conference
Vermont State AFL-CIO, Executive Board
Metro DC Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
National Action Network Youth Move
Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs & Services, New York City
Community/Labor Coalition to Save the People’s Post Office, San Francisco
Portland Communities and Postal Workers United, Portland OR
Justice First, Washington DC
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Seattle WA
Vermont Workers Center
Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network, Eugene OR
Jobs with Justice, Washington DC
Jobs with Justice, Portland OR
Jobs with Justice, Cleveland OH
Jobs with Justice, St. Joseph Valley Project, South Bend IN
Jobs with Justice, Southeast Michigan
Jobs with Justice, Tucson AZ
Occupy Frederick, Frederick MD
Occupy Wall Street, NYC, Labor Outreach Committee
Occupy San Francisco Action Council
Occupy Chicago Labor Committee
Occupy Oakland Labor Solidarity Committee
Occupy Philly Labor Working Group
Occupy Staten Island
NAACP, Chicago Southside chapter
Senior Action Network, SF
Living Wage Coalition, SF


Illinois State Association of Letter Carriers
NPMHU 306, Illinois/Wisconsin
APWU 1, Chicago IL
NALC 11, Chicago IL
APWU 295, Detroit, MI
NALC 214, San Francisco CA
APWU 32, Atlanta GA
NALC 82, Portland OR
APWU 28, Seattle WA
NALC 825, Oakbrook IL
APWU 255, Tucson AZ
NALC 3825, Rockville MD
APWU 480-481, Detroit suburbs, MI
NALC 630, Greensboro NC
APWU 3722, Newburgh NY
APWU 3630, Montgomery Co. MD, Executive Board
Sal Rosselli, National Union of Healthcare Workers, President
Bill Fletcher Jr., Writer/Activist, DC
Gene Bruskin, MD
Anne Feeney, Songwriter & AFM 1000, Pittsburgh PA, past President
Brian Becker, ANSWER Coalition, National Coordinator
Brett Bursey, South Carolina Progressive Network, Executive Director
Justin Flores, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Program Director
Gregory Cendana, Asia Pacific American Labor Alliance, Executive Director
Russell Bannan, South Carolina Jobs with Justice, Coordinator


Daniel Berrigan, S.J., New York City
Rev. Graylan Hagler, Plymouth Congregational Church, Senior Pastor
Rev. John Schwiebert, 18th Ave. Peace House, Portland OR
Rev. Larry Bernard OFM, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Laguna NM
Rev. Robert W. Krueger, St. Francis Church, Portland OR
Rev. Gerard Hardley, Zion United Church of Christ, Winthrop MA
Rev. Harry J Bury PhD, Baldwin-Wallace University, Berea OH
Fr. Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina, Chicago IL
Rev. Cecil Prescod, Ainsworth UCC, Portland OR


Donna DeWitt, AFL-CIO, South Carolina, President
Ken Riley, AFL-CIO, South Carolina, President-elect
Traven Leyshon, AFL-CIO, Vermont, Secretary-Treasurer
Chuck Bader, AFL-CIO, Colorado, Vice President
Lance Coles, AFL-CIO, Iowa, Communications Director


Brian Dunn, APWU Northwest Region, Clerk National Business Agent
Jefferson C. Peppers III, NPMHU 306, Illinois/Wisconsin, President
John Marcotte, APWU Michigan State,  President
Kevin Card, NALC Oregon State, President
Maria Risener, APWU Washington State, District 1 Rep
Bob Bearden, NALC Oklahoma State, Secretary
Richard Koritz, NALC North Carolina State, Executive Board
Tony Wilson, NPMHU Colorado State, Executive Board
Mack I. Julion, NALC 11, Chicago IL, President
Clint Burelson, APWU 2354, Olympia WA, President
Jay Ricke, NALC 825, Oakbrook IL, President
Nannette Corley, APWU 3630, Gaithersburg MD, President
Mike Willadsen, NALC 86, Hartford CT, President
Janeil Payne, APWU 604, Salem OR, President
Ken Lerch, NALC 3825, Rockville MD, President
Stephen Lysaght, APWU 47, Walnut Creek CA, President
Jim Cook, NALC 82, Portland OR, President
Luis Rivas Jr., NALC 2076, Des Plaines, IL, President
Roscoe Woods, APWU 480-481, Detroit suburbs, President
Joe Mercurio, NALC 309, Medora IL, President
John Wesley Linton, APWU 1129, Greenville NC, President
Linda O’Donnell, APWU 555, Bend OR, President
Paul Roznowski, NALC 3126, Madison Heights, MI, President
Terry Stoller, APWU 4635, Upland CA, President
Pam Taylor, APWU 839, Lafayette IN, President
Bill Wray, NALC 459, Raleigh NC, President
Richard Cantu, APWU 917, Anaheim CA, President
Gwen Ivey, APWU 89, Philadelphia PA, President
Deborah Szeredy, APWU 3722, Newburgh NY, President
J.N. Alexander, APWU 342, Medford OR, President
David Yao, APWU 28, Seattle WA, Vice President
Bill Schorsch, NALC 825,  Oakbrook IL, Vice President
Walter Smith, NPMHU 343, Charleston SC, Vice President
Christine Lawlor, APWU 3722, Newburgh NY, Vice President
Doug Gains, APWU 255, Tucson AZ, Vice President
Jane Duggan, APWU 295, Detroit MI, Secretary-Treasurer
Bob Dempsey, APWU 100, Boston MA, Vice President – Treasurer
Felicia Gluhareff, APWU SWFAL, Lehigh Acres FL, Secretary-Treasurer
Linda Terry APWU 3722, Newburg NY, Corresponding Secretary
Rich Shelley, APWU 181, Baltimore MD, Director of Organizing
Steve Bruns, APWU 512, Frederick MD, Maintenance Craft Director
Curtis Henry, APWU 1377, Albany GA, Maintenance Craft Director
Kevin Cole, APWU 917, Anaheim CA, Maintenance Craft Director
Doug May, NALC 825, Oakbrook IL, Legislative Liaison
Patty Olson, APWU 128, Portland OR, Legislative Director
Tom Richardson, NALC 82, Portland OR, Executive Board
Patti DiPleco, APWU 3722, Wurtsboro NY, Director of Research & Education
Willie Groshell, NALC 82, Portland OR, Organizing Chair
Jamie Partridge, NALC 82, Portland OR, Organizing Committee
Keith Unterseher, NPMHU, Anoka MN, Chief Shop Steward
Frank Couget, NALC 36, New York City, steward
John McCaffrey, APWU 3722, Mid-Hudson NY, steward
Charles Twist, NALC 36, New York City, co-steward
Glenn Shelton, NPMHU 307, Detroit, MI, past President
Lou Truskoff, APWU 28, Seattle WA, past President
Dave Welsh, NALC 214, San Francisco, past Executive VP
Steve Devereaux, NALC Oregon State, past President
Melissa Rakestraw, NALC 825 , Oakbrook IL, steward
Matt McAuliffe, NPMHU 321, Denver CO, steward
Jill Ruiz, APWU, Hebron KY, steward
Sue Canfield, NALC 82, Tigard OR, past Executive Board
Walter Birdwell, NALC 283, Houston TX, past steward
Eddie Collins, NALC 902, Berlin MD, past steward
John Dennie, NPMHU 300, New York City
Mark Dimondstein, APWU 711, Greensboro NC
Tony Brandi, APWU 761, Las Vegas NV
Ruth Snyder, NALC 500, Fayetteville PA
Randy Zelznick, APWU 89, Philadelphia PA
May Lepak, APWU 257, Auburn NY
Michael Nodine, APWU 32, Smyrna GA
Michael Suchomel, APWU, Lafayette, NJ
Steve Brown, NPMHU 321, Denver CO
Tom Dodge, APWU 181, Baltimore MD
Cheryl Guttry, APWU 255, Tucson AZ
David Jay White, NALC 82, Portland OR
Kathie Kuftack, APWU 3722, Modena NY
Joseph A. Hartman, APWU 181, Baltimore MD
Cheryl Dziurgot, APWU, Northford CT
Marilyn Ray, NALC, Opalocka FL
John Lown Jr, APWU, Maybrook NY
Steve Wehking, NALC, Maggie Valley NC
Arnie Cowell, APWU 170, Toledo
Cortez Driskell, APWU, Enid OK
Kevin O’Connor, APWU, Fishkill NY
Jackie Garza, NALC 825,  Marengo IL
Donna Wyss, APWU 3722, Marlboro NY
L.T. Lancey, APWU 181, Baltimore, MD
Tim Hall, APWU 295, Detroit MI
CU Bennett, APWU 181, Baltimore, MD
G Mayo, NPMHU 305, Baltimore, MD
Gilbert Hardy, APWU 181, Baltimore, MD
Scott Rawlings, APWU 779, Corpus Christi TX
Danny Clark, APWU 181, Baltimore, MD
Charles Robertson, APWU 181, Baltimore, MD
Joe Piette, NALC 157, Philadelphia PA
Jami Groce, NALC 122, Mason MI
Thomasine Derricks, APWU 181, Baltimore MD
Mary Hanog, NRLCA,  Tuscon AZ
Nora Mendez, NPMHU 300, New Windsor NY
Theresa Winchester, NRLCA,  Mattawan, MI
Bob Mazur, NALC 642, Boulder CO
Cheryl Dziurgot, APWU, New Haven CT
Nancy Simmons Walden, NPMHU 300, NY
Cathy Burton, NALC 9, Minneapolis MI
Joanne Magram, Rural Carrier Associate, Sacramento CA
Joyce Lenas, NAPUS, North Sandwich NH
Genevieve Christenson, USPS Supervisor, Nordland WA
Michelle “Lonnie” Jones, Postmaster, Alpha IL
Mike Engleman, Postmaster, Loogootee IN
Emil Buatti, Postmaster, Bartonsville PA, retired


Chicago Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
ML King County Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Seattle WA
North Central Indiana Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
National Union of Healthcare Workers, Executive Board
Communications Workers of America 1180, New York City
UNITE HERE  9, Portland OR
AFSCME 443, Olympia WA
Reynolds Education Association, Portland OR
OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Chicago IL
Jorge Ramirez, Chicago Federation of Labor, President
LeRoy Marney,  SW Oregon Building Trades Council, President
Chrissy Bowen, OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH, President
CJ Mann, Oregon AFSCME, Vice President
Deb Kline, OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH, Vice President
John Walsh, GCC/Teamsters 767M, Portland OR, Vice President
Renato Quintero, SEIU 49, Portland OR, Vice President
Warren Davis, AFGE 2006, Philadelphia PA, Exec. Vice President
Paul Bigman, IATSE 15, Seattle WA, Business Representative
Bob Reiter, Chicago Federation of Labor, Secretary – Treasurer
Candy Scigiliano, OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH, Treasurer
Andre Powell, AFL-CIO, Baltimore MD, AFSCME Delegate
Mike Eilenfeldt, AFL-CIO NYC-CLC, NYSUT-AFT delegate
Vicky Johnson, OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH, Secretary
Joe Digman, CWA 7901, Portland OR, Secretary-Treasurer
Ronald Afflick, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, NY, President
Dante Strobino, UE 150, North Carolina, organizer
Karly Edwards, UNITE HERE 9, Portland OR, organizer
Kent Spring, Portland Association of Teachers, Portland OR, past Secretary
Rosalie Pedrosa, SEIU 503, Salem OR, Executive Board
Sam Stark, UAW, Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice
Winny Clark, OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH, Trustee
Joe Naples, OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH, Trustee
Joe Kennedy, OPEIU 1794, Cleveland OH, Trustee
Fernando Gapasin, OSEA-AFT, Portland OR, field rep
Mark Sturbois, CWA 7901, Portland OR, legislative chair
Megan Hise, Laborers 483, Portland OR, Communications Director
Ben Nelson, Laborers International, Portland OR, organizer
Bob Marshall, UFCW 555, Portland OR, organizer
Tim Welp, SEIU 503, Salem OR, organizer
Eddie Kay, SEIU 1199, NY, past Secretary-Treasurer
Royce Adams, ILA 1291, Philadelphia PA, past President
Frank Martin del Campo, Labor Council for Latin American A., SF CA, President
Bob Simpson, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Chicago IL, President
Bill Barry, Community Colleges of Baltimore, Labor Studies, Director
Brenda Barros, SEIU 1021, SF CA, steward
Albert Sargis, UAW 2324, Boston MA
Dionisio Camacho, UFT, New York City NY
Dominic Catanese, UBC 373, North Ridgeville OH
Elizabeth Voss, National Nurses Union, Anoka, MN
Frank A. Walter, AFT 2279, Sacramento, CA
Jim Vail, Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago IL
Joan Kaiser Bell, NARFE, Red Bluff CA
Jon Britton, UNITE HERE 19,  San José CA
Louis Bedrock, United Federation of Teachers, Roselle NJ
Paul Greene, GCIU 440, Denver CO
Shela Van Ness, United Campus Workers-CWA, Chattanooga TN
Peter Parks, ILWU 8, Portland OR
Maria Guillen, SEIU 1021, SF CA
Julienne Fisher, UFCW 5, SF CA
Rodger Scott, AFT 2121, SF CA
Gregg Shotwell, UAW 1753 & Soldiers of Solidarity, Detroit MI
Jim Vail, Chicago Teachers Union
Julie Searle, Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Berkeley CA
Margarita Padin, Carpenters 8, Philadelphia PA
Ron Whitehorne, AFT 3, Philadelphia PA
Ronald Krinock, IWW, Landenberg PA    


Johnnie Stevens, Community/Labor United for Postal Jobs and Services, NYC
Steve Hutkins, Save the Post Office, Rhinecliff NY, editor
Peter Shapiro, Health Care for All- Oregon, Chair
Scott Blau, Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans, President
David E. Delk, Alliance for Democracy, Portland OR, President
Chris Lopez, NE Coalition of Neighborhoods, Portland OR chair
Gwen Snyder, Jobs with Justice, Philadelphia PA, Executive Director
Geri Washington, MESD, Portland OR, past Director
Bill Bigelow, Workers Rights Board, Portland OR
Greg Margolis, Jobs with Justice, Portland OR, Global Justice chair
Howard Ehrman, U of  Illinois at Chicago, Assistant Professor
Ethel Tobach PhD, American Museum of Nat. Hist., NYC, curator emeriti
Joe Rastatter, Jobs with Justice, Portland OR, Faith-Labor chair
Bob James, Be The Change USA, Lakewood, CO, Board Member
Laurie King, Jobs with Justice, Portland OR, Executive Board
Bruce Rodgers, Metro Kansas City News and Entertainment, KS, publisher
Evangelos Kalambokidis, Veterans for Peace 127, Fridley MN
Frank Burton, MoveOn, Castro Valley CA, organizer
Gerald Ganann, Veterans for Peace 27, Minneapolis MN
Diane McNaron, Birmingham Peace Project, AL, chair
Glen Sandberg, S. MS United for Peace, Gulfport MS, treasurer
Emily Alma, Occupy the Dream, Chico CA, Coordinator
Sharon Wilson, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran, NYC, Program Director
Hector Garcia, American GI Forum of Flint, Flint MI
Yuki Endo, Bus Riders Union, Jackson Heights NY
Chris Kaihatsu, RevLeft, Chicago IL
Cynthia Merkey, Awake Marion, Ocala FL
Larry Hovekamp, Kentucky Jobs with Justice, Louisville KY
Norman Carlin, Social Justice Center Marin, Sausalito CA
Martha Kennedy, Occupy, Winston Salem NC
Mason Taylor, Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans
Samuel Scharff, Veterans for Peace, Seattle WA
Trudeau Member, Right 2 Survive, Portland OR
Pat LaMarche, Green Party, Bangor ME
Shelly Scribner, Modesto Peace Center, Modesto CA
Sharon Black, Occupy 4 Jobs Network, NYC
Gary Staples, Occupy Frederick, Frederick MD
Andrew Vache, Occupy Frederick, Frederick MD
Alex Reyes, Occupy Frederick, Frederick MD
Jim Wagner, Occupy Frederick, Frederick MD
Connelly Stewart, Occupy Frederick, Frederick MD
Sue Basko, Lawyer for Independent Media, IL & CA
Terry Meadows, Dedicated Union Services, LLC
Ivy Brashear, Institute for Rural Journalism, Viper KY    
Ramon Cardona, Centro Latino Cuzcatlan, San Pablo CA
Anthony Monteiro, African American Studies, Temple University, Philadelphia PA
Charles Clarke, Labor Justice Radio, Philadelphia, PA       


Green Party, SF
Philadelphians for a Responsible Economy
Phair Hiring Coalition
Gray Panthers, SF
Inside Passage Seeds, Port Townsend WA
Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Chicago IL
Students for a Democratic Society, Virginia Commonwealth University
The SoCal Workmen’s Circle / Arbeter Ring
US UnCut Pima County, Denver CO
Bail Out the People Movement,  Northern California
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition
Alliance for Democracy, Portland OR
Social Equality Educators, Portland OR
Faith Community of St. Sabina, Chicago IL
Centro Latino Cuzcatlan, San Pablo CA
San Francisco 99% Coalition
Fight for Philly


Adam Smith, Portland OR
Adrian Juarez, New York City NY
Alan Haggard, San Diego CA
Alice Bennett Groh, Wilton NH
Amy Tai, Newton MA
Andy Feeney, Washington DC
Annette Breiling, Ljamsville MD
Arthur Biladeau, Villa Park IL
Barbara Branham, Portland OR
Barry Alexander, Rosedale NY
Bert Bender, Tempe AZ
Beverly Bentley, Medford OR
Bill Baeder, Cottontown TN
Bob Vacca, Medford OR
Bonnie Carpenter, Emeryville CA
Brenda Balanda, Inverness CA
Brittany Henderson, San Francisco CA
Carl Feilbach,  Brighton IL
Carmi Bowles, RN, St. Petersburg, FL
Carol Suchecki, C&E Enterprises, Culver City CA
Carolyn LaDelle Bennett, Rochester NY
Catherine Kleinsmith, Colorado Springs CO
Catherine Miller, New York NY
Charlotte Klieman, Miami FL
Charlotte Goldsmith, Chico CA
Chris Buttimer, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Somerville MA
Christine Silliman, Corpus Christi TX
Constance Garcia-Barrio, Philadelphia PA
Dacio Quintana, Bayside NY
Darlene Fortenberry, Tylertown MS
Darrin Heber, Erlanger KY
David Faust, St. Paul MN
David Rubinson, Merlin OR
David Roop, Decatur AL
Debbie Kavanagh, Levittown PA
Deborah Hepler, Pittsburgh PA
Diane Arceneaux, Grand Coteau LA
Diane Shaughnessy, Auburn WA
Doris Vician, Albuquerque NM
Dorothy Burnett, Grand Ledge MI
Dorothy Cross, Charleston IL
Dorothy Gaspard, Sweet Home OR
Dr. F. Taylor, Benedictine University, Hilton Head SC, professor
Dr. John Studstill, CSU, Columbus, OH, professor
Dr. Richard L. Clinto, OSU, Corvallis OR, professor
Dr. Robert M. Haddad, Smith College, Wendell MA, Professor
Dwain Jones, Riverside CA
Eduardo Schroder, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Edwina Smith, RN MA, San Francisco CA
Emily Sykes, Mill Valley CA
Emma Kulhanek, Grand Rapids MI
Ernest Sturdevant, Lansing MI
Evelyn Foster, Hadlyme CT
Frank A. Davis PhD, Cincinnati OH
Frank Fracasso, Fracasso Enterprises, Greendell NJ
Frank Ruff, Elkton KY
Frank Starr, WMNF Radio, Tampa FL
Geoffrey Hagopian, College of the Desert, Palm Desert CA, professor
Geralyn Leannah, Sheboygan WI
Glenn P. Wright, Oneonta NY
Harvey Kaiser, High Falls NY
Hector Lopez, New Canaan CT
Ina Sims, Birmingham AL
Ishmael Wallace, NYC NY
Jake Terpstra, IGE, Grand Rapids MI
James Koss, Medical Services – MobileMD, Point Richmond CA, CEO
James Lynum, Silverthorne CO
James Swarts, Rochester NY
Jan Glasgow, Louisville KY
Jeanne Ertle, Chico CA
Jean Sommer, Independence OH
Jean Thorsen, New London CT
Jeff Feuer, Warren, MI
Jerome Carpenter, Ashville NC
Jim Long, Covington LA
Joan Hoff, Big Sky MT
Joan Lesikin, Cragsmoor NY
Johanna Pettit, Ledyard CT
John Clements, Englewood NJ
John Geffroy, Las Vegas NM
John Martinez, Hollister CA
Joseph Reel, Pacific Grove CA
Josephine Hill, San Diego CA
Joyce Edward, Bellport NY
Joyce Lenas, North Sandwich NH
Joyce Pritchard, Missoula MT
Judy Johnson, Placerville CA
Juli Kring, Houston TX
Julio Paz y Mino, Havertown PA
Karen Husted, Seattle WA
Karen L. Lew, Lynnwood WA
Karl Kay, Columbus OH
Kathleen Pelley, Eureka CA
Kathy Percy, Newcastle CA
Katrina M. Nusbaum, Charleston WV
Lana and John Kitchel, organic farmers, Los Molinos CA
Langdon Hagen-Long, genealogist, Virginia Beach VA
Lavonne Heacock, Portland OR
Lenore Barnett, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, Hendersonville NC
Leo Klohr, Raleigh NC
Leslie Belt, Austin TX
Lionel Sewpershad, Gurabo, Puerto Rico
Lisa Commarata, Timonium MD
Lisa Voelker, small business owner, Lincoln City OR
Lorraine Caputo, documentary poet, Columbia MO
Louise Palmer, Chico CA
M. Uccello , Hallandale FL
Mahomed Jeewa, Lakewood CA
Maria Chavez, Albuquerque, NM
Maria Sayger, Rochester IN
Marian Cruz, Hollister CA
Marie Brossard, New York NY
Martin Abel, Honolulu HI
MaryAnn Lis-Simmons, Highland NY
Mary Jo Fennell, Lucernemines PA
Maureen Callahan-Medrano, Sylmar CA
Maureen Wright, Albuquerque NM
Melvin Greer, Glendale AZ
Michael Fulks,  Oklahoma
Nancy Crom, Albany NY
Nancy Diedrich, Bath MI
Nimueh Rephael, independent contractor, Phoenix AZ
Pam Carnohan, Sparrows Point, MD
Pamela Bell, Milford ME
Pat Rosenbaum, San Francisco CA
Patricia Bjorklund, Cold Spring MN
Patricia Brown, Tulsa OK
Patt Doyle, Forks WA
Peggy Sterling, Richmond VA
Peter Mitchell, Rochester NY
Phil Marshall, Norwich CT
Polly Mann, Minneapolis MN
Qanni Katifa, Cottonwood AZ
Rael Nidess, M.D., Marshall TX
Ramon Armendariz, Norwalk CA
Rand Carter, Utica NY
Randall Hartman, Torrance CA
Ricardo Corrales, Magister en Agronegocios, Costa Rica
Robert Hilliard, Cambridge MA
Robin Hensel, community organizer, Little Falls MN
Rod Timmons, Daytona Beach FL
Roy Jones, Brant Resource Centre, Ontario, Canada
Russell Landau, Lancaster PA
Saab Lofton, author, Share the Wealth Productions
Sandra Thompson, Orlando FL
Sara O’Brien, Willits CA
Sashi Muralidharan, Long Beach CA
Seren Bradshaw, Forest Ranch CA
Sharon Young, Red Bluff CA
Shirley Smith, Longview TX
Sophia Savich, The Sea Ranch, CA
Steven Mohring, Shirley NY
Susan Harris, Hastings on Hudson NY
Susan M. Keiraleyn, Ph.D.
Tami Ruris, Redondo Beach CA
Tammy Firmbach, Kingston NY
Terri Hauser, Ellettsville IN
Terrie Williams, Vidor TX
Theodore Radamaker, Claremont CA
Thierry Deshayes, Scottsdale AZ
Tom Alden, Truckee CA
Tom Sunlake, Bloomington IN
Tony Maxey, Red Bluff CA
Tracy Rutter, Walker Valley NY
Trudy Cooper, Portland OR
Trudy Williams, Mariposa CA
Vic Anderson, Eagle Lake FL
Virginia Watson, Bellingham WA
Waldman Walter, Longboat Key FL
Warren Sweatt, Hyde Park NY
Wayne Daniel, El Paso,TX
Wendy Hansen, Mt HamiltonCA
William L. Rogers, Knoxville TN

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